Machine Learning Developer

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Next 36, 2021; Next AI, 2022

Duties and Responsibilities

As a machine learning developer at Acrylic, you will play a pivotal role in scoping, designing and developing our AI infrastructure to meet our technical project needs. In addition, you will be working with current team members to update and maintain current ML systems. Some of the responsibilities include:

  • Developing and extending the capabilities of our robotic systems with the latest AI capabilities
  • Developing proof of concept machine learning models, unit tests, and model training
  • Collecting and developing data for enhanced model training and improvement
  • Contributing to new product definition and requirements

Knowledge and Skills — Technical


  • A Bachelor’s degree in computer science, software engineering or equivalent
  • Knowledge and experience with Python and documented experience of AI programming
  • Experience with Tensorflow, PyTorch, or other Deep Learning Frameworks
  • Experience in the areas of computer vision, deep learning, or reinforcement learning


  • Familiarity with virtual simulation environments or VR systems
  • Experience with custom datasets and real data collection including dataset creation and cleaning
  • Experience with optical-robotic AI integration
  • Experience with dataset creation and cleaning
  • Technical project management skills
  • Hands-on experience with painting or fine art

Knowledge and Skills — General

Soft skills/Baseline:

● Communication skills: you can explain what you’re working on and why it’s important to Acrylic’s mission to a variety of audiences. You can translate between business goals and tech requirements.

● Grit, resourcefulness, creative problem-solving: you can always find a solution to something, even if it’s not perfect, and you’re able to think outside the box.

● Entrepreneurial/growth mindset: you love the thrill of continuous improvement, you’re constantly seeking out new ways of doing things and you push boundaries.

● Self-starter, autonomy: you can take on a project, scope it and get to work. You prefer work environments where you have a significant amount of responsibility and autonomy and are able to self-manage and make key decisions.

● Curiosity: you’re a forever learner with an inquisitive mind who wants to understand how everything works. You’re not afraid to pick up a textbook and teach yourself a new skill that’s needed that falls outside your pre-existing knowledge base.


Interview Process

We know your time is important and won’t invite you to numerous time-consuming rounds of interviews unless we think you might be a great fit.



  1. Form: Fill out this form — we’ll ask for your CV, basic information and a few questions to determine eligibility. The form should take you <20 mins. (
  2. Recorded video interview: If we think you might be a good fit, we’ll invite you to do a recorded video interview that should take ∼15 mins.
  3. Informational interview: If the recorded video interview you’ll be invited to a live 20–30 min interview with our head of engineering. Be prepared for general technical questions as well as personal questions that will allow us to get to know you as a person and mutually assess fit.
  4. Final stage: for our final handful of candidates, we may invite you to a short interactive technical challenge (determined based on what you think would allow you to demonstrate your technical aptitude best). Followed by a live interview with our CEO & Founder to do a deep dive into your experiences and interests. We may also chat with a few people you’ve worked with in the past to get a feel for how best to work with you.

Thank you for your interest at Acrylic!

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